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        Subject Value :  $184875.26    ( Average Subject Value comparison:  $181364.53  )     (Incorrect subject's Bedroom + incorrect Bathroom)
        Range :  High = $188385.99 , Low = $174343.06
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Comp #AddressBedsBathsNew SPSqft $SPSqft $StreetDistressComp SV $SV Adjust $Comp LV $LV Adjust $
1797 NW 4th Ct Pompano Beach FL 3306919500011/10/201516692008653432.09285.641-0.107 NE142927.18-9484.2552072.82+2870.24188385.99
400 NW 17th Ave Pompano Beach FL 330692250007/1/201622192004883342.09282.621-0.132 NE183337.43-49894.4941662.57-762.45174343.06
Average210000194420067684429284.131 163132.3-29689.3746867.7+1053.9181364.53
Subject1800 NW 4th St Pompano Beach FL 3306920000012/18/2015165120048155009080.831133442.9447921.59+3510.73184875.26
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Features Subject          Comp. #1 Comp. #2 Comp. #3
  1797 NW 4th Ct Pompano 33069 400 NW 17th Ave Pompano 33069
Subject value 184875.26 188385.99 174343.06
Structure value $ 133442.94  142927.18  -9484.25  183337.43  -49894.49    
Land value $ 47921.59  52072.82  +2870.24  41662.57  -762.45    
  Comps' Annual Inflation/Deflation Rate: 
Subject's Annual Inflation Rate -15124.74 Comp Inflation:  0 Comp Inflation: 0 Comp Inflation:
Sold price $
Distress sale?   0 0
Street type 0 0
Sold date
Square feet -9484.25 -49894.49
Year Built
Structure per sqft $ 80.83 85.64 82.62 0
Est. new structure per sqft $  
Lot size (sqft) +2870.24 -762.45
Rooms Beds Baths Beds Baths Beds Baths Beds Baths
0 0 0 0
Remodel amount $  ?
Year of remodel

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